Services. High impact solutions to guide your business initiatives.

CIO Resolve delivers unbiased, independent advice to our clients across several industries. We recommend the right mix of high-value, high-impact solutions, formulate plans for their achievement and follow through to implement the solutions to deliver measurable results.

Project leadership merging business and technology is our sweet spot.

We have assisted our customers in numerous roles. Whether aligning business strategy and technology plans; leading software evaluations or implementing ERP solutions, CIO Resolve is proud of our project delivery track record.


CIO Resolve has the leadership and experience working with senior management to help align their investments in IT with their business strategy.

For the small and medium sized companies, this often results in a CIO as needed approach, where IT professionals are capable of running the day-to-day operations; but, require our strategic knowledge and leadership to align IT priorities with the corporate business strategy.

Interim Leadership

We have the track record in leading and motivating technology teams to achieve their goals and to bridge communications between IT and the business leadership team. Our motivation is to help you achieve maximum return for your technology investments. We help by:

  • Taking on the role of CIO or Director of IT, on a full or part-time basis
  • Interim leadership for Merger and Acquisition or temporary vacancies
  • Aligning technology strategies with business objectives
  • Managing key programs and projects
  • Mentoring the personal growth of staff
  • ROI Analysis for strategic initiatives

Strategic Roadmap

Our strategic road mapping aligns your IT portfolio of projects with corporate strategy. We assist by ensuring your IT investments are properly prioritized based on your business expectations and anticipated costs/benefits.

Portfolio and Project ROI Assessments

CIO Resolve has provided numerous business case assessments to determine the ROI for business initiatives. We have a proven framework for these engagements that ensure a streamlined approach to gathering the essential information and translation into a simple and effective recommendation.

Sample business case assessments we have delivered:

  • ERP Upgrade Assessments
  • Plant Maintenance Software Assessment
  • Replacement for Transportation Management Solution no longer supported
  • Business Intelligence Solution Assessment

Refer to our Projects to see how we can make a difference for you.

Sample Projects

ERP Upgrade Assessment

Replacement for TMS

Business Intelligence Solution

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