Client Implementation.

Client Implementation

Healthcare & Pharma

A Third Party Logistics provider won the business of a large pharmaceutical company and needed to onboard their products, their logistical profile, and their IT system needs. The implementation had extremely aggressive deadlines, so precision in project leadership was critical. The pharmaceutical company’s products had stringent temperature requirements (i.e. cold chain) for storage, handling, and shipping. Products also had strict order management parameters. IT enhancements were extensive and required rigid quality control.

The project required a clear plan, a tight schedule, experienced project leadership, and agile execution. A cross-functional team was mobilized to execute project activities ranging from physical goods warehousing, logistics process refinements, through IT systems design and development.

The project was delivered on-time and under budget. All logistical metrics were achieved in compliance with the stringent product tolerances for storage, handling, and shipping.

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