Corporate ERP Migration.

Corporate ERP Migration

Mfg & Distribution

A major North American beverage manufacturer that had gone through a significant acquisition phase, had to migrate all the plants to its corporate ERP platform. Each of the plants had their own unique requirements. An initial study was done and the major gaps identified for each of the plants. A corporate initiative was approved to proceed with a migration of all plants to the existing corporate ERP platform: Infor ERP LX.

As project manager, led one of two parallel project teams to implement ERP LX in several bottling plants across the United States. An extremely aggressive timeline was needed to ensure both parallel teams remained synchronized on rollout schedules. By establishing an initial blueprint for rollout that met with all plant essential requirements and being strictly enforced, allowed for a successful transformation of each plant to the new business systems. Strong corporate leadership and highly skilled and synergized rollout teams resulted in 8 plants being rolled out within one and a half years on a common corporate blueprint.

Significant cost savings resulted by eliminating support of multiple ERP systems. It also enabled much better visibility of demand and material requirements allowing for improved capacity and production planning of all the bottling plants. Establishing a common blueprint for the plants also improved overall efficiencies of the bottling operations through consistent training and reinforcement of standard procedures.

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