Data Warehousing & BI Solution.

Data Warehousing & BI Solution

Healthcare & Pharma

Provincial healthcare professionals need information and tools to efficiently direct funds and resources to the needs of constituents. Healthcare professionals are dependent on public sector services for provincial trends, aggregate statistics, and peer-level comparisons. An agency within the ministry of health faced a challenge to provide provincial healthcare stakeholders with timely and comprehensive information to help drive strategy and support decisions. Stakeholders relied on a myriad of spreadsheets and static reports that were provided as the requisite data could be compiled and delivered. Stakeholders needed meaningful information, not mounds of data.

The healthcare agency needed to establish a relevant data repository, along with a self-service platform for reporting and data analysis. We were engaged to lead the initiative to assess technologies and tools to deliver an enterprise reporting solution for provincial healthcare stakeholders. This project included software acquisition processes for ETL (Extract, Transform, & Load), and for BI (Business Intelligence) solutions. We elicited requirements from stakeholders, authored RFP’s, and led the vendor assessment and selection processes with sponsors, data stewards, subject matter experts, and information consumer representatives. Ultimately, an enterprise partner was selected for the ETL solution and for the BI solution.
During the data warehouse and enterprise reporting solution construction, we led the project team of 50 professionals, comprised of business analysts, data warehouse architects, ETL developers, and BI developers. This project consisted of the design and construction of an enterprise data warehouse, along with the deployment of a robust platform to enable dynamic reporting and information analysis.

This project established a self-service reporting platform for enterprise reporting and data analysis to numerous stakeholders within the provincial healthcare system. The new reporting platform formalized consistent business rules within an enterprise data warehouse – to support a “single version of the truth” repository to drive strategy and support decisions. The Business Intelligence environment enabled a model for stakeholders to consume the information they need……when they need it. Healthcare funding is now directed at programs that most need it, based on timely and accurate statistical information and fact-based analysis.

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