BI Solution Implementation.

BI Solution Implementation

Food & Beverage

Performance Metrics Reporting Solution using Business Intelligence Tools

Customer service level (CSL) metrics were key performance indicators for this manufacturing company. However, the process to generate this level of reporting through manual data extractions from ERP system and manipulation using spreadsheets was extremely time-consuming and prone to error.

A Cognos Business Intelligence solution was implemented to provide a robust CSL Metrics Solution. As project leader, led all facets of the project from requirements definition, proof of concept presentation and approval, design through to implementation. One key factor was to deliver a phased solution that provided some immediate mission critical reports along with a subsequent solution providing integrated analytical metrics with detailed level drill-down capabilities. The overall solution was implemented in a timely fashion and avoided the risk of a complex and expensive data warehousing solution.

Significant resource time was saved by eliminating the manual report creation, allowing more time to be focused on analyzing and solving Customer Service level issues. Additionally, management was able to analyze CSL information directly. This significantly improved productivity at the daily Operational meetings, as the team now came prepared with their analysis of the CSL issues.

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