Enterprise Reporting Business Case.

Enterprise Reporting Business Case


Enterprise Reporting Solution Business Case

A major North American industrial supplies company was struggling to produce consistent financial and sales reporting information. Furthermore, any time they looked at the information, it led to additional questions that could only be addressed through a cumbersome extraction of information into Excel for further analysis.

A brief analysis of existing financial and sales reporting requirements was collected from various levels within the organization: Executives, Functional Managers and Business Analysts. Included in the review was the backlog of requests for reporting requirements and a review of the turnaround time to deliver using current reporting methods. Numerous tools existed on the marketplace for Business Intelligence reporting. Through our experience, we were able to fast-path the recommendation down to two market-leading solutions. After considering the licensing costs, and implementation costs, one solution presented a better total cost of ownership. In the final recommendation, we were able to establish an exceptional ROI proposition through a significant increase in end-user productivity and freeing up valuable I.T. resources.

The company proceeded with the recommended implementation of a Cognos BI solution for Finance and Sales Reporting within their Canadian operation. The initiative was implemented within the timeline and budget anticipated. It was so well received, that it quickly rolled out to its’ US parent company as well.

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