ERP Upgrade Assessment.

ERP Upgrade Assessment

Mfg & Distribution

A manufacturing company had been deployed on an ERP system for several years without having upgraded to recent release levels of the software. The business had some significant business strategies it was considering and needed to determine how an ERP migration would fit into its strategic plan.

The project approach was to analyze the new functionality available in the latest release of software for fit with either existing or newly configured business processes. The project was approached pragmatically and utilized the key subject matter experts across the business in a time-sensitive fashion. Through workshop walkthroughs the team was able to rapidly net out the tangible benefits for the company, without fully configuring and testing the functionality. A high-level implementation plan was developed with total corporate resources, cost and timeline for the project. Recommendations were presented to Executive Steering Committee.

With the ERP Upgrade Assessment information, senior management had the necessary information to determine strategic alignment of the various portfolio of corporate initiatives and the co-dependencies on an ERP upgrade or replacement.

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