System Integration into ERP.

System Integration into ERP

Mfg & Distribution

A Canadian manufacturer was not able to report actual costs at an item level. In order to adequately assess SKU rationalization initiatives and timely sales strategy decisions it was imperative that item level costs be integrated into the corporate ERP Financial reporting system.

As project leader, led project team involving Finance, Production and IT to blueprint and implement a solution to incorporate actual production item level data generated by a manufacturing process into the corporate costing and production reporting system within the ERP. The solution involved integrating daily production run information generated by the automated MES system into ERP shop order production posting process. This enabled actual costing information to be accurately generated by the ERP Costing system, which in turn fed the corporate financial reporting solution for customer profitability.

By integrating system information between two mission critical systems, more accurate and timely financial reporting information was available to senior management. The time-to-close for financial reporting for a fiscal period was also significantly shortened from more than one week to three days.

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